How it Works

For a flat fee of $79.99 per month, we will personally curate a box of 1-4 items that will exceed your expectations and be worth more than 50% off retail price.

We are closely working with leaders in the industry to provide you with top quality products from flannels, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, beanies, and many other accessories to make your membership experience more than you expected!

We know as most guys hate shopping but love having new gear. Our monthly subscription crate will take the work out of it for you and you will receive cool gear for the biker lifestyle each and every month.

We plan to include items that work the best for the current season. So during winter months expect warmer items like flannels and hoodies and in the warmer months expect items like T-Shirts, tank tops , shorts etc.

We plan to bring to you exciting items each and every month to keep you in the freshest gear on the market! 

Please Keep in mind that we have a cut off date of the 15th of the month to allow us to have enough inventory to fulfill the subscriptions. If you signed up after the 15th you will not be guaranteed to get a crate in the month you signed up. Most of the time you will be bumped to the next month and not be charged again to the month after that.