Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How much does the crate club cost?

$79.99 plus tax and Free shipping.

  • How many items come in the crate?

Every month you will receive a personally curated box of 2-4 items based on your member profile.

  • What are the crates worth at retail price?

On average you will receive products valued at 50% off retail price!!

  • Can I return items if I don't like them?

Unfortunately no, the point of the club is for us to take the work out of having to shop for products we offer. We suggest changing your profile to reflect what you like better and next month we will do our best to provide items you like. 

  • Can I exchange items if they don't fit?

We will do our best to help if we have the stock to exchange an item if it has not been worn or washed. Please be sure to chose the correct sizes in your profile or change them for the next month so we can provide you with more cool shit you will actually wear.

  • Can I pick and choose what I want in my crate?

The idea of being a member of LIFE BEHIND HANDLEBARS CRATE CLUB is that we chose items from great companies we know you will enjoy. If you have preferences for colors please be sure to make note of that in your profile. If you don't like a certain design or certain item regift it to a friend or family member we don't mind at all! Our companies won't mind either!!

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes absolutely! Just be sure to let us know before we charge for the month. The recurring charge of $79.99 plus tax will be on the 1st of every month. We will be sad to see you go but completely understand and invite you to come back anytime!

  • Is the shipping cost and taxes included in the monthly fee?

Unfortunately not taxes  

  • Can I ask for different companies?

We always encourage suggestions from our members. We do value our friends at our current suppliers, but are open to adding more great companies to make our members experience even better. 

  • Can I give this as a gift?

Absolutely and we encourage it. We just want to remind you that it is an automatic monthly recurring charge, so please be aware of this and purchase accordingly.  

  • What sizes will you offer?

All sizes up to 3XL in T-Shirts, Flannels, and Jackets. If we get enough interest from people needing larger sizes we will consider offering a crate for a slightly higher price. 

  • Will you offer a crate for women?

Yes, eventually we would like to also offer a woman's crate if we have enough women who would like us to. Please email us if you would like us to add a woman's line and we will add to our list to consider. Thanks.